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How many times have you had a conversation that began with, “Wow, did I have a weird dream last night!”? But what made the dream seem “weird”? Incongruous subjects and behaviors? Ambiguity? Odd humor? Veiled feelings of dread or even horror?

Here I attempt to capture the “weird” character of dreams with real-world scenes. A few were created specifically for this subject but most are calved from other projects or from casual snap-shooting. None are synthetic digital creations, which raises the question: Are our dream images “weird” at all or are they actually scenes that we’ve simply not noticed during the waking day?

I encourage you to first view this set of images serially with the “slideshow” facility or by clicking the first image and stepping through the set from beginning to end.

I hope you enjoy them and I welcome your comments.

-Ken Tanaka-

The book of this work is now available on Blurb.
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Guestbook for Of Dreams
Dick Glaser(non-registered)
How hard to capture dreams! Very good images and I bet this was a fun concept to do.
John Caruso(non-registered)

You never cease to amaze with your work. This collection holds together very well and is a feast for the eyes and the mind. Very nicely done!
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