UnthinkVan Buren

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Quelle magnifique vue nocture. Jolie composition.

Great to see you are still going at it. I recently moved to NYC. It has been a terribly busy time but I hope to start going out with the camera again soon. Here's to wishing you a Happy New year!
Michael Roche(non-registered)
You've a wonderful collection here Ken I look forward to many visits to peruse the various collections.
Also enjoyed your Leica site enterview and of course your many comments and articles for TOP.
John Caruso(non-registered)

As always, I am delighted by looking at your fabulous work. I was going to start leaving comments on each individual photo I liked, but I quickly realized I would be here for days writing and enjoying. So instead, I wanted to acknowledge the entire collection. Once again you have shown your mastery of capturing the everyday. I know that I've seen--and enjoyed--some of these photos before, but there are plenty others that have caught my eye. As with all photography that speaks to me, after looking through your gallery I am inspired to keep striving to meet a bar you have set so high! Thanks so much!
A Fan(non-registered)
This is a wonderful collection. You are an amazing photographer. I look forward to the additions to this gallery. Please keep them coming.