Kenneth Tanaka | About

I am most interested in the challenge of seeing and capturing the ephemeral beauty, incongruities, discontinuities, ambiguities, and simple humor in the everyday world. This, to me, is what the determined, observant and patient camera is singularly able to authentically present.

While catch-as-catch-can photography can be fun I also pursue numerous specific thematic or topical projects which I occasionally present here. I feel that photographic projects, whether commercial or self-assigned, are extremely powerful mediums for channeling one's creative energies and for acquiring new skills. Duration is not important. Images in the Metropolitan gallery represent an open-ended long-term project whereas Glyphs and From 694 were one-day projects.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about my photography please visit the "blog" section of this site where I've begun presenting supplementary notes and, soon, short essays. You might also want to visit Alex Coghe's November, 2012 interview on the Leica Camera blog.

I hope you find a few images here that make you smile, that make you wonder, and make you pause to look longer and harder. Most of all I hope at least one of my images remains in your memory. If so, I've been successful.

Please feel free to take a moment to write a comment or two if you do enjoy something. I read them all.

With Best Regards,

- Ken Tanaka -